Ultrasound Guided Injection

What is an ultrasound guided injection?

It is a radiological procedure where an ultrasound machine is used to guide a needle through the skin into the affected area so a small amount of medication (steroid or local anaesthetic) can be injected, in order to reduce the pain that you have been suffering.

Why do I need an ultrasound guided injection?

Other tests that you probably have had done, such as an ultrasound scan, MR or a CT scan, will have shown that you have a condition suitable for injection of steroid through a small needle.

Who has made the decision?

The Consultant in charge of your case, and the Radiologist doing the injection will have discussed the situation, and feel that this is the best treatment option for you. However, you will also have the opportunity for your opinion to be taken into account, and if, after discussion with your doctors, you do not want the procedure carried out, then you can decide against it.

Who will be doing the injection?

A specially trained doctor called a Radiologist. Radiologists have special expertise in using x- ray and scanning equipment, and also in interpreting the images produced. They need to look at these images while carrying out the procedure.

How do I prepare for the injection?

There is no preparation before you come to the Clinic. You may bring someone with you if you would prefer, but they will have to wait in the waiting area while you have your examination.
If you have any allergies you must let your doctor know (If you have previously reacted to intravenous contrast medium, the dye used for CT scanning, you must also tell your doctor about this).