Orthopaedic Consultation

If your primary care physician has recommended that you meet with an orthopaedic surgeon for any acute or chronic injuries or conditions you may have, it can be helpful to know what to expect during the initial consultation. You and the surgeon will be discussing the specific condition, the course of treatment, and the projected rehabilitation process. The surgeon will likely want to perform an examination and some tests to get a clearer sense of the issue. The doctor will likely ask you about your general health, past health conditions, family medical history, and other existing conditions that you may have. They will particularly want to know about conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, anaemia, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, because these issues may influence the treatment option that the surgeon provides. You would have probably discussed any and all pain that you are currently experiencing with your primary care physician. You’ll likely discuss it all again in detail with your surgeon. Before your consultation, it may be helpful to keep a pain journal where you can record activities and positions that cause pain anywhere in your body. Be sure to bring the journal with you to your consultation and share it with the surgeon.